Lionel Palazzi - Lead Developper Lionel Palazzi - Lead Developper
Business Automation
20 Years of Experience in Solving Business Technical Challenges with a Specific Talent For Marketing and Financial Priorities.

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e-Genèse Flow is an e-Genèse Unit spécialized in the implementation of business and marketing processes. It bénéfits from 13 years of web marketing activities in various fields such as sale of digital info products, creation and exploitation of a lead business plateform, creation and exploitation of an autoresponder application, classical e-Commerce.

We have tried and designed so many things that we have loads of experience to share and would like to let you profit from. We also maintain & devellop two core products: MindInvader our tool for sharp ROI real time tracking and CyberMailing a high grade Email marketing automation plateform that garantee possibility of integration in any environment.

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