Didier Bonneville-Roussy Lead Stratgist Didier Bonneville-Roussy - Lead Strategist
Business Tactic & Strategy
20 Years of Experience to Help You Get the Right Approach to Wisely Spend Your Marketing Dollars!

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e-Genèse Psy is an e-Genèse Business Unit specialized in helping entrepreneurs with business strategy and tactics. It has developped a method based on game theory which yields a pseudo scientific approach to improve business results of any company. It bénéfits from 20 years in marketing (most of it internet related) applied in various fields and a large number of clients.

We have tried and designed so many things that we have loads of experience to share and would like to let you profit from. We also maintain & devellop two core products: MindInvader our tool for sharp ROI real time tracking and CyberMailing a high grade Email marketing automation plateform that garantee possibility of integration in any environment.

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